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The David Campbell Memorial Association

Founded as the "David Campbell Memorial and Medal Fund" on June 21, 1913, the David Campbell Memorial Association (DCMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Fire Chief David Campbell, and caretaking the memory of all Portland Firefighters who have given their life in service to the citizens of Portland.  The DCMA has maintained the David Campbell Memorial Plaza, located between SW Alder, SW 18th Avenue and SW 19th Avenue, since it was dedicated on June 26, 1928.

The DCMA is identified by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code as a 501 c(3) as a 509 a(1) and 170 b(1)(a)(vi).
EIN 93-0853003

The DCMA is made up of a board of members representing the administration of Portland Fire & Rescue, the working members of Portland Fire & Rescue, the Portland Firefighter's Association, the Retired Portland Firefighter's & Widows Association, and the public at large.

Board President - Don Porth

Portland Fire & Rescue, Retired

Trustee - Ryan Gillespie

Portland Fire & Rescue, Fire Chief

Trustee - Sean Fogarty

Portland Fire & Rescue, Membership

Trustee - Terry Foster

Portland Firefighters Association

Trustee - Greg Keller

Portland Retired Firefighters & Widows Association 

Trustee - Erik Gerding

Public At Large

Trustee - John Russell

Public At Large

Treasurer (Non-Voting Board Member)

PFFA Treasurer Travis Chipman

Secretary (Non-Voting Board Member)

PF&R Administrative Assistant Jan Moore

To Contact the DCMA or any Board Member,

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