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Portland's Fallen Firefighters

Line of Duty and Service Connected Firefighter Deaths

In their role serving the citizens of Portland, 77 firefighters have lost their lives.  Countless others have likely had their lives appreciably shortened or suffered illness without the means to connect it to the job.  Click on the PDF here to learn more about the Portland Firefighters who have died in service to the citizens of Portland.

Roll Call of Portland's Fallen Firefighters

1881    James Reed

1890    Fred Wagner

1891    Tom O’Keefe

1892    John G. Hewston

1896    Tom Grenfell

1911    David Campbell

1912    William Higdon

1916    Emil Gustafson

1919    Francis H. McCormick

1920    Fred B. May

1921    Karl Gunster

1921    Oscar H. Lehman

1922    James S. Baldwin

1922    Oscar B. Gabriel

1923    Fred H. Rittenour

1923    Adolph W. Wefel

1926    William E. Wilbur

1928    Charles A. Ryan

1928    William John McCreery

1928    Harry Josephson

1929    Walter McBride

1930    Richard D. Laisner

1932    Henry Krimbel

1933    Clement M. Kemmer

1933    Gustave Adolph Stephan

1934    Frank L. Kearney

1934    Harry B. Morrow

1935    Harry U. Gardner

1935    William D. Heath

1937    Frank E. Platt

1939    Harry R. Howard

1940    Ernest W. Bills

1940    Carl G. Markstrom

1940    Peter P. Kumpf

1943    Owen Peterson

1945    Joseph Frederick Allerton

1945    Elmo St. Clair Bradford

1946    William Inglesby

1946    Gregory A. Warner

1947    Marion Stark

1948    Alfred E. Berg

1949    Daniel G. Shaw

1957    Victor D. Brown

1960    John Drain

1960    John T. Metcalfe

1963    Frank Benedict

1963    Benjamin Steele

1965    Robert Edner

1965    James Hamilton

1966    Virgil L. Spencer

1969    Louis Merchant

1970    Randy Hammer

1971    Jack L. Stephens

1971    Donald Turner

1971    Roy A. Bray

1972    Aldro Stuck

1974    Jefferson Morris Jr.

1975    Melvin Sethmann

1977    John L. Devaney

1979    Charles Weberg

1981    Roger C. Brandenburg

1984    Tommy Tucker

1987    Willis Hubener

1987    Thomas G. Tyner

1988    Richard H. Bradley

1990    Lonnie M. Zimmerman

1991    Gerald Quinby

1993    Jeffrey S. Tuggle

1995    Robert J. Hebisen

1996    Richard A. Harder

2001    Paul T. Kahn

2002    James T. Woodward

2003    Jeffrey S. Calvi

2004    Steven E. Higley

2007    George L. Godson

2013    Keith E. Kosky

2021    Jerry Richardson

What Is A Firefighter's Day Like, The Day A Fellow Firefighter Dies?

This is a question that is rarely asked, much less answered.  But in the days following February 3, 2023, someone did ask the question.  Read the attached article to experience the answer on that day.

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